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NBN Internet Constantly Dropping Out

*NBN Drop Outs Consistantly Everyday *


I've been on hold with Telstra for over 45min and during this time i have been doing self trouble shooting; (Running Ethernet Cable Cat6E), Modem Model: SAGEMCOM PACK F@st 5355 Telstra NBN

- Unplug Modem Power Supply for 2min

- Restart Computer, IPCONFIG /Release etc.

- Wait for a few minutes for the Modem to assign computer with IP

- Attempt to connect to Modem ( i get time-out

- Factory Reset modem by using a tooth pick at the front of the modem.


Still no luck, i am sure its Telstra's service. I am running FTTP.

I have done google search and people are having the same problem, for a company this big to have down time like this consistantly makes me thing why dont i just go to another retailer, cheaper and the same realiability as Telstra. Telstra is meant to stand out from all their competitors, but this doesnt look like it.


So i am still on hold at the moment and still no answer, must be that many technical issues Telstra is experiencing.

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Re: NBN Internet Constantly Dropping Out



even though this guy is running ADSL same checks still apply

Telstra customer 15+ yrs, I am not a Telstra employee and never have been

Kudos and thanks welcomed

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