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NBN issues

This is now the 3rd day that my NBN has been down, the support at Telstra has been nothing but disappointing with many hours wasted trying to resolve. I am now told that a tech can visit on the 19th of May!!! surely this is some kind of a joke as that's in 2 weeks time. Connectivity for us as a family is critical due to personal and overseas reasons. The service support from Telstra over the last few days is by far the worst experience that I have ever had.

The NBN box has a flashing red light (the infinity sign) but no one at Telstra can support me, yesterday alone I spent 8 hours on the Telstra chat... what a waste of time.

Is there any support, or anyone that can assist as I now need escalation to management and ready to take this to social media.. had enough!!!

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: NBN issues

The technician's visits are scheduled by NBN Co. So it may be that that is the first available (especially given that they went out on strike yesterday).

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Re: NBN issues

There is some useful information on the following Telstra Support page.

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Re: NBN issues

Mine has been down for 5 weeks

ans I just keep getting  the same story from everyone I talk to a technician was supposed to come today between 8-12 and I get a message at 6pm saying they were unable to come!! I’ll be contacting the ombudsman tomorrow it’s beyond a joke! I’m not happy at all! 

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