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NBN Line unstable frequent drop outs

My NBN dramas began when I requested a service be connected at a new house I was moving to. I made the call to Telstra NBN sales and a connection date was given for the day after my move date. That day came and went and nobody showed and no connection. Call made to Telstra to follow up. 1 and a half hours later a new connection date was made, again nobody showed and on following up with Telstra again yet another appointment needed to be made for the following week.


I finally had an NBN connection on the 3rd appointment attempt only to have the service dropout frequently. This means no internet and no home phone. After numerous calls to technical support and promises to have the job escalated and fixed I still have a dodgy service and no resolution. I am currently paying for the top plan with the top speed and am lucky to achieve 30m/b when it works. I have been told that my service is unstable.


Each call to technical support requires me to explain everything again as I am never able to speak to the original consultant despite assurances that they will call back to follow up.


HELP!!!! The last consultant hung up on me. I was not angry with her, just expressed my frustration. So far I would have spent in excess of 8 hours on the phone and am still paying for a substandard service.

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Re: NBN Line unstable frequent drop outs

Hi drenwick,

I can see you've reached out to the public forum with no response.

Sorry to read the NBN speeds are not working as they should, I can see how that would be frustrating.

Happy to help where I can.

If you have an SR case or order number you can share with me, I can contact your case Manager & ask that they contact you. 



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Re: NBN Line unstable frequent drop outs

I feel your pain my friend.


I too have been told the service is '"unstable" and previously "out of sync".


I was dead excited to be getting NBN with a superfast more reliable service. After connecting, I have discovered as soon as I connect more than one device, the service drops out. I am now in a "48 hour monitoring period", but not sure how monitoring something will fix my problem without actually physically repairing something, but we will see...


Maybe too soon to get irate with the service (or lack of), but somehow I forsee more discussions on Sunday night with the helpline!

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Re: NBN Line unstable frequent drop outs



I have been playing around and believe I have found the source of the problem. Due to only 2 LAN ports, I tried to run the TV and game console wirelessly. It appears the TV running wirelessly causes a linking fault and then disconnects the internet. Game console works fine.


There maybe a way of adjusting settings and running the TV wirelessly, so haven't found that solution, but the workaround will be to obtain a new modem with 4 LAN ports.


Maybe this could be the cause of your disconnections also!

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