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NBN Maximum line rate less than half it use to be

Works in Kelmscott and wondering if vibration might have effected my line rate, it use to be around 64Mbps as 800 meter from the Node, now its 11 Mbps. What can I do as also experiencing dropouts for a week and Telstra are only monitoring when there is an issue that needs action


DSL Status
DSL Uptime
1 hour 24 minutes 41 seconds
DSL Type
DSL Mode
Maximum Line rate
5.73 Mbps 11.43 Mbps
Line Rate
5.2 Mbps 24.86 Mbps
Data Transferred
72.86 MBytes 1044.96 MBytes
Output Power
6.3 dBm 14.4 dBm
Line Attenuation
14.9, 46.1,N/A dB 26.6, 55.8, 83.3 dB
Noise Margin
14 dB 4.4 dB

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: NBN Maximum line rate less than half it use to be

There is a fault on your line as the Actual Line Rate is showing as faster than the maximum line rate.


Telstra monitor the line as that is a requirement of NBN Co's before they will accept the works request to get it fixed.

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