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NBN migration from ADSL2+

I tried to signup nbn online but was asked to re input all my details which apparently needs a credit check, despite being with Telstra for almost 20 years without missing a payment.


This morning I went to Telstra Claremont store to try to migrate to nbn but the first person I spoke to says she is a trainee and cannot help. She told me to take a seat and wait for next available "trainee". After 5 minutes no one came, so I approach a "consultant" who again turns out to be a "trainee" and he too says he cannot help and to take a seat. After another 5 minutes of waiting seeing all these other customers walk in and being served with no one showing any interests in my waiting, I left.


Is there any experts out there that can help with migrating my ADSL2+ to nbn? Yes, I would love to take my business elsewhere but my partner's email is lock to bigpond so it will be pain to move her email as she used this for work.

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Re: NBN migration from ADSL2+

The quickest way will be to give 1800 993 728 a call and speak to a consultant about migrating.
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Re: NBN migration from ADSL2+

Hi NotHappyToday, welcome to CrowdSupport.


I'm sorry to learn of the disappointing experience, this is never what we want for our customers. Just to clarify though, wherever you place an order you'll be subject to a credit check; given your tenure with the company I doubt it will be a problem, but as a provider of goods and services effectively on credit (as you're committing to spend money over a period of time) we're required to perform due diligence. Failing to do so could be considered acting unconscionably if we were to put a customer into financial difficulty were we to sign them up to services they can't afford.


@Jupiter's advice above is correct, as I've pointed out, any and all applications will be subject to passing a credit check. You could still opt to place an order online here: I went through this process myself in the very recent past, and it was a painless experience. I opted to take the Smart Modem, it arrived and I set it up immediately with my ADSL service. On the day my transfer was to take place, I got a text to say the fixed connection had dropped out and the 4G had kicked in. About ten minutes later I got a second text to say the fixed connection had been restored. I did need to restart the modem before anything else would happen, but that was the most painful part.

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