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NBN migration

I am on Bigpond cable. Sometime about 8 months ago I received an  NBN migration package. At the time, I didn't want to swtich and so put it to one side. Now I have to switch soon (cut off in September). At the time I received the migration kit, the claim was that connecting it triggers the migration. I understand from a conversation months ago with a Telstra tech that that would only work for connecting within somthing like 3 months after receiving it.


So my question is if I connect now what will happen? Will I need to contact Telstra to trigger the NBN migration? The problem at the moment is that it seems impossible to speak to a human at Telstra to check this out. My conversation with the tech seemed to indicate that the MAC address of the new hardware was only registered for a few months and now will not work.


Advice as to best way to trigger NBN changeover with this migration pack I have AND incur little/no internet access downtime would be appreciated.

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