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NBN - Netgear Nighthawk - Home Phone?????? confused

hey guys,


i'm getting my NBN Self Install kit in the mail soon (finally) and i'm also getting my Netgear Nighthawk D7000 Modem/Router round the same time.


What i'm trying to wrap my head around is the Home Phone situation on NBN with Telstra?


In the NBN instructions regarding connecting your Equipment it says the Voice Port (UNI-V) is used to connect your existing home phone line and the Ethernet Ports (UNI-D) to connect your routers and modems?


I have been told from my NBN Case Manager that I have to keep my Telstra Gateway modem for the Home Phone line and I have to make that Telstra Gateway as a "Bridge" to use my Home Phone and to plug my Netgear Router to the Gateway yet the facilities for both my Internet and Home Phone are on the NBN Box for that stuff, why can't I plug my Home Phone line to the UNI-V 1 port for my home phone and just my Netgear Router to the UNI-V port as the NBN Box was made for?


A little confused?


I have no need for the Telstra Gateway Modem as I have my Netgear Nighthawk and I can have that Telstra Gateway modem as a backup if ever the Nighthawk has a fault.

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Re: NBN - Netgear Nighthawk - Home Phone?????? confused

There are two different type of phone set up for the NBN.

NGC - this is Telstra's name for VoIP set up, where the phone service is run through the router as a VoIP set up. This is the standard setup for NBN voice connections.


IPPOTS - or the more traditional Plain Old Telephone Service over IP. These service utilise the Uni-V port in order to provide the voice service via the NBN NTD.

The NGC is the standard setup for NBN connections, my understanding is that generally speaking that IPPOTS is generally used for customers who require an NBN Battery Backup for the purpose of medical priority assistance or a medical alarm and the like...

Your only way to have it set up straight through would be to request an IPPOTS setup, however I am not sure about the requirements for it.
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