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NBN not connecting

We have been trying to get our NBN connected for almost 6 months now.

We received an NBN Connection Device in early January 2020 and followed Telstra's instructions as to when and how to connect.  It didn't work and after many phone calls (and hours on the phone waiting) we were told that our service didn't automatically register and we would need a technician to visit to resolve the issue.  An appointment was made - the day came and went and no one showed up.  When we called to find out what was happening we were told that the service call was cancelled because according to Telstra our NBN was connected.  Another service call was booked and again no one came - same issue - according to Telstra our NBN is working!!  A third service call was booked but on the day before we were at least told that the service call was cancelled.  We have since received 2 more NBN connection devices and 1 new modem from Telstra.

On 25th May we received a txt telling us that our connection was ready and we should connect the NBN devices so Telstra can check the connection over the next 48hrs.  We have tried numerous times but it won't connect.  Blue power light with connection light flashing.  I can't speak to anyone at Telstra.  Please let me know what's going on!!!!!!!!!

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