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NBN not working, no technical support? Seriously?

Yesterday my new NBN connection stops working.  Still not working this morning, lights on the NBN box are showing no connection.  Sooooo I check the telstra outage page, no known outages.  I log into the online fault finding tool, it says I need to call a 1800 number...


So then I called the 1800 number which was a struggle because the mobile reception where I am is poor.  The phonebot asks me for the phone number associated with the service, which I type in.  I get a prerecorded message saying that due to covid restrictions I cannot get help (yes, really!) and it hangs up on me.  Simultaneously I get a text message directing me to the online fault finding tool which of course directs me to call the 1800 number.


So my questions are -

Does telstra know Ive been left stranded without support and with a service that does not work?

Is there any strategy other than not sending their customers in circles?  Do you know your sending us in circles?

Is there somewhere I can post to let the world know just how overjoyed I am to operate two businesses from my home office with barely an internet connection provided by a tethered mobile phone with intermittant reception because there is apparently no technical support provided to NBN customer?


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