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NBN Order Error

Hoping someone could point me in the right direction. I ordered NBN for our home about 4 weeks ago. Soon after the order was created, it went into error. Telstra said not too worry as the workers were coming out to connect the NBN to our house and if we cancelled the order we'd have to start again. The modem was meant to be delivered prior to connection however Telstra said they would send it after it was connected and it would be fine.


About 3 weeks ago when NBN was connected to the house and we lost all internet. I spoke to Telstra and they said this is because my old modem wouldn't work now and I needed a new one but this couldn't be sent as the order was still in error and would take 2 weeks to correct! The solution was I was able to buy the new modem at a Telstra store and would be reimbursed later on which I have done.

However I am now on back up internet speed and only get about 0.1Mbps which is rubbish for my home business. I have been ringing Telstra every day last 2 weeks and they keep telling me they are waiting for the back end processing team to "kill" the order in error so they can create the new order. Today I was told again it would be another 3 days, when 2 weeks ago they said it would be 5 days to fix.

I'm a bit screwed at the moment as I literally have Zero connection, and Telstra have only given me 2 GB of extra data on my phone when I use 50 GB a week.

Could anyone offer any advise on how I can get this resolved immediately? I have NBN connected to my house, I have the modem, I just need someone to literally push a button to make it work!

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Re: NBN Order Error

At this point I'd reconmend raising a complaint. You can raise a complaint here
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