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NBN order going nowhere!

on 29th September i made a bundled order with below (via phone call)

- mobile phone swap

- foxtel (which i don't need but apparently part of bundle)

- Cable connection


once i made the order, i received all emails on order confirmations withing 10-15mins - all good.


Internet connection was supposed to be switch on 11 October. However, nothing happened on that day. the next day i called telstra. The agent said my cable order is 'not progressing'. he made all the checks and said the order not progressing because NBN is now available! So, he said i must switch to NBN. I said okay, no one called me regarding this. Fine, i made the order again on the phone... agreeing all terms and condition and etc...  done and dusted. 


Oddly, i didn't receive any emails at all with regards to this new NBN order... the next business day, i called telstra again. This time, they informed me that my NBN order has been cancelled!!! again, they didn't inform me. i asked for reason and they made all the checks and said, it is because my original Cable order has not been cancelled yet, therefore there is a conflict of two orders Cable and NBN. great!... i asked them to cancel the Cable order and continue with NBN... again, i got to recreate another new NBN order going through all the verbal terms and agreement... all done... 


Again, i didn't receive any confirmation emails with this new order. i am smelling something fishy... called them again the next day and again they said my new NBN order has been cancelled! F**K! they check and said, apparently the new NBN order made was made as bundle with foxtel and this conflict with the foxtel whcih has been activated prior. Apparently duplicate line items... so, again i got to reorder NBN again with all the terms and conditions...this time apparently only the NBN order without foxtel or mobile.


..... waited for the email confirmations... nothing came... again... guess what?! this time, i don't wait for 24hrs, i called within 6 hours and ask, why i haven't got any emails at all... the agent said it is in "pending" status... asked me to wait... 


i waited again for another 6 hours and still nothing up, i called again. this time, after many agents of passign around, they said my issue is escalated to Back of House level 2 team... i said, i want to know what the hold up all about. they said they don't know.


They around 7.30pm yesterday, someone from telstra called and said my issue is due to existing foxtel!!???. He asked me if i want to move my foxtel to telstra... now this got me real mad... i said, the foxtel is part of telstra bundle. what are they talking about!? i told him, and other agents, numerous time that my opriginal order is a bundle of mobile, foxtel and internet. Both of mobile and foxtel are completed. except the internet. He finally got what i meant and said, okay they will make sure there is no conflict and the order will be processed and appointment set within 24 hrs.


today - a day after, sensing something not right again... i called... and they said, it is still on BOH level 2 and apparently there is some IT issue with my order. requesting extension to another 24 hours. 


OMG! i can't believe it seriously!.... and they are charging me foxtel now (which i never wanted originally)



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Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Re: NBN order going nowhere!

Hi EddieNg


This is definitely not what we like to hear. 


The Back of House team become involved when there is an , issue with the account which needs manual intervention. This can take up to 5 Business days to complete unfortunately. 


It sounds like you are on the tail end of that process now but if you would like this to be escalated further, you are best to lodge a Complaint Lodging a complaint with Telstra so a Case Manager can be assigned to work with you to a resolution. 


Kind Regards



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