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NBN outage since Monday - finally logged TIO complaint

So after 5 extremely frustrating days of getting nowhere with L1 support, I have logged a TIO complaint.
Below is a summary of my experience, for anyone interested.
I have FTTN NBN.

19/12- slow speeds and multi-hour long outages.
20/12- longer outage periods, bit connection still works sometimes. Speeds still slow.
21/12- now. Complete outage.

Reported the issue on 19/12. Was told that the NBN team would be engaged. Called back on 20/12 and was told that they needed the mac address and serial # of the modem. Provided this information.
21/12- was told that a stability upgrade would be applied to the line. Received confirmation that this was applied around 14:30, but no change in service. Called back in the evening. Analyst thought it might be a problem with the modem, so a new modem was shipped overnight.
22/12- configured new modem, but connection still doesn't work. Am told that back of house team would investigate and that I would receive an up on 23/12 at 9:15 am. No call received.
23/12 - Called back and am told that NBN team requested 5 drop out times. I reported that I'd previously mentioned that the issue was now a complete outage, not intermittent. Asked to be put through to Retention team, L2 tech support, or complaints coordinator in Aus. Was told that this is not possible. When I asked to be put through to a supervisor, I was told that they start at 15:00 AEDT and that there is no option to escalate during Australian business hours.

I'd finally had enough and logged a TIO complaint, hoping to get better support as it now looks like we'll be without Internet over Christmas.

Really disappointed in Telstra's service level as we won't be able to skype family overseas this year.

My mobile plan is also with Telstra. Does anyone know if the bigpond email address will still work if I keep the mobile plan, but switch internet providers?


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Re: NBN outage since Monday - finally logged TIO complaint

Hi Ben46


Sorry to hear of the issues you are currently experiencing with your NBN service.. 


As you have lodged a Complaint with a Third Party, you will be contacted by a Case Manager as soon as the Complaint is assigned. 


With regard to your question regarding your email account, we do now offer a Paid Email service that does not need to be attached to a Broadband account. This service is available for the first 12 months free, and after that, at a cost of $79 per year.


Kind Regards 

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Re: NBN outage since Monday - finally logged TIO complaint

Been having identical issues here in korumburra too m8. Paying Telstra for internet we can't use half the time. My Mrs Rang tech support at least 4 times today, Dont have any answers or fixes as yet.. I'd get more data through a couple of tin cans and a string right now.
I suppose writing this has achieved very little though it has helped me vent frustration that Telstra has negatively effected christmas for my family.
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Re: NBN outage since Monday - finally logged TIO complaint

Hey Dnriff, sorry to hear you're having he same problem as me Smiley Sad
My internet's still down.

I did have a telstra tech out yesterday and he seems to think it's a problem with the nbn node or line between the house and the node.
There's an nbn tech coming out on Friday to investigate further.

What helped me escalate further was: when calling Telstra, say 'complaint' first instead of internet fault. Explain your issue and then ask them to escalate to nbn co. If nbn have already checked the node, ask them to send an nbn tech out. Telstra tech couldn't do much outside our house cos nbn owns/controls the lines now.

Also, if you have a Telstra mobile, ask them to add some extra data on your account for free until your issue is resolved.
It's not allowing me to stream content, but I can surf and watch the odd video without going over my data limit.
Or if of one of your neighbours has telstra air, you could see if telstra can let you use that (doesn't work for me).

All the best & hope your issue gets solved soon.

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