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NBN - over sold and under delivered - again

This is my 5th NBN connection - this time a personal connection for my home (others have all been business related). I'm saddened to say that nothing has improved. After months of waiting for NBN availability with only the most scant information on build progress (apparently it's all very secret) the service finally became available to order a few weeks ago. It took a couple hours of phone calls and follow-up over failed orders to get things moving. OK - I'm used to this. There is always confusion when you order an NBN service. Sometimes it's almost comical. Over the years I've had numerous visits from head-scratching NBN contractors  - they mutter something about their own frustrations, take pictures of the incomplete works and disappear again. More phone calls follow. Progress (if any) is hard won. Finally the day came and my 17Mb ADSL service was switched off and I was connected to the fabled NBN. Or was I? The modem showed a 58Mb VDSL2 connection but no data flow. Thank goodness for the modem's 4G backup link - at least I had a 6Mb internet connection. Home phone dead. So, first try the online trouble shooting. No luck (no surprise there). Call Telstra on the recommended number - give full details to machine, give full details again to real person, get told you have called the wrong department, get put on hold (lots), go through painful support scripts with pleasant but difficult to understand Telstra representative. After an hour or so getting tired of this and getting nowhere. Give up. Next day repeat process starting with a different number - same result. Third try and operator agrees to 'run some tests'. Result - there seems to be some kind of error in the NBN configuration - a ticket will be raised and NBNCo will address it within 24 hours. This was actually big progress - finally they had identified what had been obvious from the start (come on - modem showing good VDSL2 link but no data flow - how hard is it to work that one out?). More days have passed and still there is no progress. I haven't had a home phone for more than a week and my perfectly usable ADSL connection is replaced by a much slower 4G backup service. It isn't good enough.


The moral of this story. Don't be fooled by the multi-million dollar marketing. Connect to NBNin three easy steps? I've yet to hear of or see this in reality. The reality is that NBN is a frail and troubled service. It's neither reliable in use or competent in execution. The NBNCo organisation is secretive and isolates itself from end-users (and resellers for that matter). I believe that constant failures are covered-up by what appears to be a very effective team of marketeers and spin-doctors. Perhaps they will address my post too. Forget the argument over FTTN vs FTTP. The real question is what can be done to reveal true and dismal nature of the NBN. I think we need a broad ranging parliamentary inquiry. Then the real fun will start.

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Re: NBN - over sold and under delivered - again

NBN Co obviously have you marked in their database as a target. Maybe go under an alias for the next one?

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Re: NBN - over sold and under delivered - again

So typical of all the Telcos. They are a law to themselves with no watch dog, no quality control and no repercussions. Your story is unfortunately all too familiar and we are dreading the NBN "switch over" which will NOT be smooth or simple or efficient.


It is so unfortunate the boffins and Minister and Telstras of Australia do not read these Posts, but then again most reside in far away lands where pay rates and quality and accountability are far lower (softest way I can say it)


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