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NBN Overhead Allowance / Overprovisioning

Since July this year NBN.co have been implementing NBN Overhead Allowance/Overprovisioning on all plans apart from the 1gb connection.    Telstra has false marketed this as a FREE 15% speed boost.


"YOU may experience a boost to your download line speed of up to 15 percent in the coming weeks”. “Who doesn’t love a little freebie?”  This is false as what really is happening is NBN.co has implemented 10-15% over provisioning speed increase over the download link for overhead allowance on said plans.


I have asked Telstra "all departments" about this and nobody knows what I am talking about.  No agent even knows about this false marketing statement of a free 15% speed boost.  Many customers online and on facebook have seen this increase automatically and many 1000,s haven't.   


My question is:  Has anyone on here experienced this boost first hand?


This should be implemented automatically BUT many have taken advantage of this by calling there RSP.   When I called nobody knew what I was talking about.   Instead I was assigned a complaint case manager which I didn't want.  They even offered me a discount but I declined because all I wanted was to speak to someone that knows about this. 


Aussie broadband is on top of this as are many other RSP,s but Telstra seems to be clueless and not even know about there own marketing advert.


Does anyone know of a Telstra rep or department that would understand this topic?





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