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NBN Packet Loss and Drop Outs - Ocean Reef 6027

Morning All, 


After 4 hours on the phone to Telstra troubleshooting my sudden frequent drop outs, and constant packet loss (3-30% constantly which forced my VPN to drop out to my remote work desktop - and constant hanging of webpages etc) on my NBN connection, I was told it had been escalated to "back of house" and I was given a reference number and told to expect a call within 24-48hrs. 


It's been 4 days now, it's still the same crappy connection and no call back.No email from Telstra after my marathon call with the usual click here to get back in touch - i feel like my issue has been ignored or abandoned and i'm left with a terrible internet service. 


i've actually reverted to unplugging the ethernet cable and using the 4g backup on my frontier modem as its the only reliable internet service I have to work on. 


What do I do now, I don't think i can handle another 4 hours troubleshooting the same issues - and the reference number I was given seems to be different from the usual 1-1 ref numbers i've had in the past. It's irritating beyond belief to be left hanging, and have the feeling that no-one cares or is working on my issue Smiley Sad 

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Re: NBN Packet Loss and Drop Outs - Ocean Reef 6027

I'm in Ocean Reef as well. We got connected to NBN last Monday. It worked great for an hour & has been intermittant since.

No internet at all over the weekend & none this morning either. When phoning last week they told us there was a current interruption with the network & according the their website there has been since 11th July. We've been sold a product that they know doesnt even work. Apparently its down for scheduled maintenance all day today.. hopefully this will sort it out!

Glad I don't run my business from home!

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Re: NBN Packet Loss and Drop Outs - Ocean Reef 6027

Yeah that's my problem - I am working from home 2 days a week, 5 nights and on weekends. And as it stands I can only do it if I disconnect the NBN and use my 4G backup. 


I have lodged a complaint with Telstra, it won't do anything tho. If the fault has been around since July 11th it sounds like a serious hardware issue? They must know the cause by now, why aren't they communicating? 


It's going to lose them customers for sure Smiley Sad 

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