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NBN Premium Speed

Absolutely over Telstra and their lack of services or customer support. For more than a month I have waited to have a speed boost to premium tier NBN. Yesterday (7 January 2020) finally it said it was completed after being ordered on the 3rd December 2019, with and expected completion date of 4 December 2019.

Being someone who actually knows a bit about IT, of course this is something I checked immediately, several times after restarting the modem (at times only connecting via Mobile network for hours on end, before DSL actually connecting!!! This error only started since the order was placed), checking and rechecking all connections, etc.

Connecting directly to and checking the modem Broadband tab, I still have the same connection speeds as previously. As follows:

DSL Status
DSL Uptime
1 hour 30 minutes 25 seconds
DSL Type
DSL Mode
Maximum Line rate
 8.23 Mbps  25.38 Mbps (Smiley Mad)
Line Rate
 8.23 Mbps  24.06 Mbps (Smiley Mad)
Data Transferred
 107.21 MBytes  934.42 MBytes
Output Power
 7.5 dBm  12.2 dBm
Line Attenuation
 18.6, 44.0, 59.5 dB  26.6, 52.4, 75.5 dB
Noise Margin
 6.4 dB  6.7 dB


Slight difference from the Premium service speeds offered of:


Perfect for large households of 4 or more people especially if you work/study from home, have heavy gaming users and media-buffs downloading and uploading very large media files, or have multi-camera high resolution real time video security systems in place. Alternatively can support concurrent 4K/UHD video streaming for no more than two TV's or large screen tablet while supporting numerous other users streaming SD or lower resolution video, and basic web browsing, social media etc.

85Mbps (download)

30Mbps (upload)
90Mbps (download)

30Mbps (upload)


This is an absolute joke, seriously. After being a loyal customer for more than a decade. I am seriously considering taking my business elsewhere. Since placing this order, I have been in touch with customer service, billing and techs on numerous occasions only for absolutely nothing to be done with regard to my NBN connection (except it saying online that my order is completed as of yesterday). Seriously how hard is it to change someone from Standard Plus to Premium Tier???
I suppose now you'll still try to charge me for something I do not have? 
I will be contacting the TIO, with all transcripts through 24/7 live chat, all receipt numbers, escalation receipts, etc. to gain further advice on this matter.
Clearly I am not very happy with the service being provided nor the assistance provided by any of the Telstra customer support and wish for this matter to be resolved ASAP, where I am provided with exactly what I am meant to have or I will be changing service providers. Loyalty and service is obviously not important to Telstra in this day and age.

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Level 23: Superhero

Re: NBN Premium Speed

It doesn't look like your line is capable of reaching the speeds of the premium speed boost. Have you had a speed fault raised.
I work for Telstra, but my opinions are my own and not that of Telstras
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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: NBN Premium Speed

You are on an FTTN connection, so you may be getting the fastest speeds that your connection is capable of. You should lodge a speed fault, but as you are getting 25Mbps, NBN Co may refuse to investigate.


My FTTN connection maxes out at around 30Mbps and I am 1.25km from the node (but have 100d cable instead of 40d, so I am lucky, otherwise it would be 17Mbps).

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