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NBN service class 1 issues

So I am yet again (for the second time in three years) moving into a new build that is at service class 1 (no drop or PCD let alone NTD) and am running up against similar issues as the last time (don’t get me started on why builders don’t get these steps completed before a place is “ready to live in”)

So anyway I get the keys this Friday and have been trying to get a connection sorted for the last three weeks.

It started off with Telstra saying NBNco had to resolve something on their end as it said the property was linked to an NTD already (which it wasn’t), then like three times they have had to confirm my contact details and that electricity is on for whatever reason.

Now I’m at the stage where I can’t speak to NBN at all as I’m sure everyone is aware is impossible to do as a consumer, and all Telstra are telling me is that we “have to wait for NBN” to reach out to organise a technician appointment but NBN keep coming back with more questions.

I guess my questions are: anyone in the know have any idea if there’s someone/something I can do to push this along? I feel like I’m in limbo and it could be “up to ten days” before nbn even call me to organise an appointment let alone the appointment itself.

Also anyone know what kind of wait times there generally are nowadays for appointments? Used to be weeks at a minimum! (My POI is south Morang if that helps)

Any advice would be appreciated as Telstra seem to not give two hoots that my entire household is WFH (not that it makes my situation specialty a lot of others out there) and I just can’t afford to wait weeks for internet as mobile internet coverage is non existent where I am.

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