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NBN so slow it won’t connect

Hello. Does anyone know any tips for fixing my NBN. So slow I can’t connect to anything (not even Netflix). Happened yesterday after having no issue for 1 week. Front light on modem is blue. No WAN light on. Tried switching telephone sockets and restarting but still not working. I am still waiting for telstra to get back to me (12 hrs later).

any ideas welcome.


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Re: NBN so slow it won’t connect

The front indication of the Modem being Blue means that the modem is in 4G back up mode..  so your NBN Internet service is not working. You can check the service status in your area here -


In 4G backup mode, switching sockets and power cycling won't do a lot to fix the issue, until the internet service is restored.


But being on 4G backup you should still have reasonable service, so there is possibly some issue with your network. How many devices do you have and how are they connected to the modem? Do you have one device (laptop/PC) that you can connect to the modem by cable rather than Wi-Fi? Try that and see how that device goes with connecting.


If that works OK, then the issue is to do with your Wi-Fi connected devices and there could be some settings you can change to fix the problem. So please advise how the cable connection went (you'll probably need that connection to get into the modem settings anyway), and what make and model of modem you have (label on the bottom) and you will get further advice on how to sort it out..

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Re: NBN so slow it won’t connect

On 4G backup the modem only has an IPv6 address on the WAN this can cause problems with some sites and devices. The PDP can be changed from  IPv6 only to IPv4v6. This will enable the modem to also have an IPv4 address on the WAN. How to do this depends on which version of the Generation 2 modem you have. There are two an Arcadyan (LH1000) and a Technicolor (DJA0230). 

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