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NBN speed slowing

NBN installed about a week ago, speed tested a few times at 23/4.6 or so until tonight.

Tonight the speed is down to about half., 12/1.53,  If this continues is the best bet the TIO or is there a better way.

Should be half speed half price ! what do the forum member reckon  ?Screen Shot 2017-07-14 at 9.08.49 pm.jpg

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Level 24: Supreme Being

Re: NBN speed slowing

If the area recently went to ready for service or is coming up to the end of the 18 month transition period you will find pretty much guaranteed to find that it will take a couple months for them to balance it all out, especially for peak speeds.

They have to buy the capacity off NBN Co, it is quite substantially priced which means they have to try to find the balance between having enough but not too much, so at the start and end of the 18 months they have an influx of customers and have to put orders into NBN Co to increase their capacity as they capacity grows.

It takes them time to work out the amount they need and it takes NBN co time to process it as well.

If it is under half of your speed level then you can contact the NBN assurance team and they will load a speed investigation and try to get it resolved.
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