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NBN Sudden bandwidth issues

Yesterday we woke up to INSANELY slow internet, to the point where Google took at least 2 minutes to load. Many of our applications wouldn't load up and having two website pages open at once caused both of them to just never load.


We tried many things including moving the modem to another port, changing the phone line cable, restarting it several times. Leaving it off for a few hours and nothing worked. Today we've woke up with still the same issue.


Doing a speed test and we get the usual speeds we're used to 40mbs down and 20 up roughly but it's like our bandwidth is being capped.


We are paying extra for the fastest service and have never had an issue up until now. It's unbearable and unusable at this point. I would rather have no internet then this.


Devices connected to it are:

Two PC's Via ethernet

2 phones via Wifi

1 Ipad via Wifi


Plan is 

100 mbs speed boosted plan - the top tier one

Unlimited data


Things we've tried:

Turning it on and off again.

Restarting modem - leaving it off for hours.

Changing the phone line cable

Moving the modem to another phone line port

Restarting all our devices

Unplugging the ethernet connected devices


Please help Smiley Sad 


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Support Team
Support Team

Re: NBN Sudden bandwidth issues

Hi Jordan26,


Thanks for getting in touch in regard to your broadband service. Definitely no good to hear of the troubles you're experiencing and understanding you have tried to do some troubleshooting, can I ask, have you checked for any known issues via our outages page? 


Also, given everything tried, it might be worth reporting the issue to our Tech Team; ADSL/Cable 133933 or NBN 1800834273. Teams are available 24x7.


Let me know how you go.

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