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I have just connected to the NBN and though I've paid for "speed boost" I am only getting a maximum of 32 Mbps download speed and 8 up.

I contacted Telstra and was told it can take up to 24 hours for the connection to reach its maximum download speed, is this correct?

I am about 400 meters from the nearest node, the next nearest is around 700 metres away, I realise this will play a factor in the download speed available.

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If you aren't connected to the closest node, then those speeds are probably correct. When you log in to your modem at and go to the broadband tab, what does the Maximum Sync Rate say?
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If you check your modem stats via > Advanced > Broadband or Advanced > Gateway Settings > Device Info > General > down the bottom, it will give you your maximum line rates possible with your connection. If they are significantly less then 100/40, you could drop down to a 50/20 boost or back down to 25/5


You may be 400m to the nearest node, but your cable path may not be. Your downstream attenuation can give you a very rough indication of how far you actually are in cable length to the node you're connected to



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You are lucky you paid for the boost otherwise on occasions your connection would function below that of ADSL

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