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I currently enjoy 100 mbps with my superfast broadband. I know under the NBN rules, set out by the Peoples Republic of Australia, that I MUST go onto NBN (at a higher cost to me) for a substandard product. I cannot find a node close to my house, so is there a way I can maintain my speed within the $100 per month?





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Re: nbn

You're moving from HFC to FTTN? E.g checked your address on NBN's website

If it is FTTN, there's no guarantee of 100 down sync speed as it is going to depend on cable length to the node.

In terms of keeping the speed boost when you transition to NBN and staying sub $100: That's probably going to come down to your negotiation skills with sales

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Re: nbn

In most cases the only way to continue to achieve 115mb/s which I used to with Telstra owned cable was to go to Telstra owned and operated mobile broadband, which is almost faultless. Yes, it's more expensive, but there's no alternative.
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Re: nbn

If you cannot find a node it is probably because your area is be converted to NBN HFC. Most areas that had Telstra cable are converted to NBN HFC. The speed of a NBN HFC connection does not depend on distance from the Node and most NBN HFC customers links are capable of 100 Mbps down and 40 Mbps.

If you are paying $100 your can opt to change to a NBN plan costing $90 per month that has a download speed of 50 Mbps down and 20 Mbps up. As your existing plan has is 100 Mbps you might be able to negotiate a free speed boost to 100 Mbps.





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