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Why do's our home internet drop out for hours up to a dozen times a day, it's virtually unusable

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The drop outs are probably due to a line fault. Have you contacted Telstra NBN assurance (1800834273) and reported a fault?

Support Team
Support Team


Hi @Dave96


Sorry to hear you've been experiencing issues with your nbn service.


With telecommunications, unexpected outages, planned maintenance or faults can occur. When these happen, our techs work hard to restore services as quickly as possible for affected customers.


If you want to make sure everything is ok on our end with the nbn service, please check there are no disruptions listed under 'Home Phone' or 'Internet' for your address here 


If there's not, my advice would be to login here & complete the troubleshooting as it may help fix any issues you're currently experiencing, but also helps speed up the fault process if you need to call our nbn fault team on 1800 834 273. If they're unable to resolve over the phone, they may monitor the connection or arrange a tech appointment. 


So you're aware, you can request a credit for the disruption online as per the instructions here . In most cases, if you use another service in the interim, normal charges would apply for that though.


Also, have you heard of the Telstra Smart Modem? With these, if there’s a drop out in your home broadband, your modem will automatically switch to our mobile network if required, then switch back once the issue is resolved. Plus it uses your home data allowance.

The mobile backup connection is limited to speeds of up to 6Mbps for downloads and 1Mbps for uploads. Actual speeds will vary due to local conditions and content accessed.

You can find & order these here


If there's anything else you need assistance with, please let me know.


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