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Please help! About to throw the modem, lol. 
Had nbn operating fine for months. 2 days ago it decided to be weird and only the first 2 lights on NBN connection box were blue (no DSL and no LAN).  We still had some laggy internet on apple devices, android phone was non-responsive. Tried everything in manual multiple times. Pulling out all cords. Reset button on nbn box and router. Then had 1st light and dsl light blue and connection light red (sometimes flashing, sometimes solid). Some 24/7 Telstra line ran a check, then kindly told me it was out of office hours on east coast. 🙄 Any ideas people? Thanks 

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Not quite sure what service and equipment you have from your description of the issue..


What make/model of Telstra modem (white) do you have? ther will be a label on it, on the bottom.


If it is a Smart Modem 2, it has 4G Backup, so if you disconnect the cable from the DSL (grey) or WAN (red) port and wait a few minutes, it will switch over to 4G solid blue light on the front..  the service you get might be slower, but should give you internet at least.


Note that depending on your modem, you might need to change some modem settings to get everything running well on 4G mode, but if you provide more information on your devices there will be more help available to you. Help us to help you..  Smiley Happy

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Hi - unfortunately, the Red LED on the Connection Icon on the white NBN NCD means you have a fault with the device or the equipment it is connected to in the footpath pit or the NBN Network. You will need to report this to Telstra for rectification.  

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