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Need a commercial quote for Telstra Cable

Hi there, I need a commercial quote carried out for my new unit. 


I'm stuck in a situation where I have very unstable ADSL2+ connection with a 300 downstream / 100 upstream speed and frequent dropouts. 


We have 2 type F sockets near the TV, but no standard antenna socket . It's like living in 1997 again with dial-up internet and no TV.


I've called up Telstra and Optus. I was advised cable is not available in my area by both the companies. I assumed cable would have been used by a previous tenant at some stage looking at the wall sockets but I don't know this for sure. We don't have a satellite dish on the roof. 


Would like a commercial quote done if possible please.

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Re: Need a commercial quote for Telstra Cable

Don't assume that the Type F sockets aren't standard aerial inputs.  There used to be an antenna installer around here who would only intall Type F sockets for antenna connections.


Also, the previous tennants may have taken the satellite dish with them when they moved as they are quite easy to reinstall somewhere else.


I assume you have done all the usual checks on your setup. Isolation checks, etc.  300kbps is very slow and the service probably should have been cancelled by Telstra if is was that bad.  Need to make sure that your internal wiring is up to scratch as you will find that you will either get a flat out "No" to the cable quote if there is no infrastructure in the immediate area, or it will be ridiculously expensive - it's not cheap to get installed.

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Re: Need a commercial quote for Telstra Cable

Thanks for your replies guys. I did get the TV going with a f-type to TV cable - who would have thought. Seems more and more units/apartments are doing this.


I did get the line checked out - it was at the MDF where the fault was. But the speed is still quite slow, about 2.8Mbps - which isn't enough to lodge a fault since download speed is over 150kbps.

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