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Netgear CG3100 WiFi / Ethernet connection issues

Hi All / Anyone!


First time poster to the Crowd Support boards, and hoping that someone could shed some light on some issues my family and I are currently facing with our Telstra Ultimate Broadband package. 


We have the Ultimate Cable package at home, with Foxtel, we are connecting to the internet through a Netgear CG3100 router with wireless connectivity. For whatever reason that I am not 100% we have Foxtel connected to the router, and a Foxtel iQ HD box sitting below. Originally we had the T-Box providing us Foxtel however we fapped that off pretty quickly when we suffered from so many drop outs both on the internet and on Foxtel.


So currently we are connecting to the router wirelessly, my Macbook Pro, an iPhone 5S, 4, and an old ASUS netbook. We're currently suffering from constant drop outs, going into the Network Diagnostics settings tab on my Macbook Pro I am seeing the same error messages that there is no connection to the internet; I have resorted to plugging an ethernet cable directly from my laptop into the rear of the router, however this has now ceased to work as well. For a short time (about half a day consistently) we were able to run speed tests on the router when connected via ethernet and were approaching 108MBps - fantastic considering our WiFi download speeds were hovering around the 4.5MBps.


We're getting tired of the drop outs, and I can't seem to fathom why I would be able to connect occasionally via WiFi but not via ethernet. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated! We've been suffering from this for over seven weeks now, made a number of calls to Telstra support, so far not much help...


Best Regards,


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Re: Netgear CG3100 WiFi / Ethernet connection issues

Hi Ev,


There are a few points for you to check:


LAN versus WiFi:


A LAN cable will always provide the most consistent speed and connection. If you do need your devices connected via WiFi, and they experience poor speeds or drops, then you might want to take a look through the following link which provides some general information about WiFi: http://crowdsupport.telstra.com.au/t5/General-Internet-KB/WiFi-Troubleshooting/ta-p/107516   


Model of your modem:


There is a difference between the CG3100 and CG3100D-2. If you had the first and now have the second, I would encourage you to check the power pack was also swapped over. http://crowdsupport.telstra.com.au/t5/Home-Broadband/Cable-Wifi-speeds-and-power-pack-used/td-p/3769...


Activities on the internet:


It is also worth noting that overloading the upstream can cause the modem to perform an internal restart, and disconnections. I would suggest that you throttle the upload bandwidth on any file sharing programs, cloud updates etc.



The Foxtel set top box and BigPond modem may be connected to the same outlet with the use of a splitter box. 

Try disconnecting and reconnecting each cable connection. This can help by cleaning the contacts and making sure that there is a firm connection. The coaxial cables only need to be finger tight.


Try having the modem or Foxtel connected individually on the line, without the splitter to see if this makes any change.


Further investigation:


Once you confirm that the disconnections are not occuring due to the devices or activities, then please contact Tech Support on 133 933 or https://livechat.telstra.com/ so that further testing can be done and a technician appointment organised.


- Shelly

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Re: Netgear CG3100 WiFi / Ethernet connection issues

Hi Shelly,


Thanks for your detailed response - I will be going through each step tomorrow afternoon after work, and will post my findings (hopefully we will have some success !! )


Best Regards,


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