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New Account - Cable Broadband + Phone Line Fee Shock!



I recently signed up for a new account with telstra cable broadband 200gb deal on a month by month no tie on contract basis. I tried to sign up online with little success as I kept getting an error code over multiple days/attempts when I clicked to process basket for self install, month by month, 35mbps cable service. Online 24/7 chat were unable to find out what the code error was and I was forced to sign up on the phone.


I was reassured multiple times on the chat app and over the phone that this address had telstra connections for broadband and phone to it and that the street was also connected and able to receive the 3.0 cable broadband. (the house has multiple foxtel points installed and phone line connection points that previous owners used)


On doing the sign up over the phone I was informed by the telephone agent that they would send out an installation technician to deliver the modem and plug it in for me (Note I DID NOT REQUEST THIS)  and there was no mention that there would be a charge for this in the conversation otherwise I would have asked for self install of the modem - which I had tried to order when I was going through the sign up process online)


Anyway the day of "installation" came and I was called by the cable techo who came and went within an hour or so and then surprised to have a second guy phone to "connect" the phone line since the telephone agent had not mentioned someone would also come for the phone line . I has assumed there was a mistake and this was a second cable techo wrongly sent and told him don't worry to visit as a guy has already been here this morning. Techo then told me he was actually the phone techo and was here for a different reason (Again I ALSO DID NOT request this second techo for the phone line as I have no intention of ever using a landline and it is not required for the cable broadband aspect) . The technician came in anyway as he lived a couple streets away and confirmed current lines were good (note he DID NOT install anything as this was already in place in the house)  


Fast forward to last week when my first bill came for 1 month of broadband valued at 563 dollars.


Bill is split as - follows

200gb Broadband  16th dec - 11th Jan  - $81.00  

200gb Broadband 12th jab - 11th Feb - $93

Telephone Line connection with tech Visit - $125

Professional Installation $192

Cable 3.0 gateway install kit - $72


I was pretty shocked to say the least with this bill since I signed up for this deal on a month for month basis as the costs with optus were comparable and I wanted the flexibility to change if NBN came available soon (rather than be fixed in 2 yr contract) 


Anyway I have just come off of your chat screen 24/7 app and customer services agent "April marie" agreed to remove the connection fee of $192 for broadband as I had not consented any techos to visit with the sales agent. They refuse to remove the $125  for the phone line connection and techo visit and  "suddenly" disconnected from chat without resolving theis issue with me......


The T&Cs for the 200gb broadband cable phone line portion of the deal state very clearly for the phone line connection aspect


"Standard Connection


The $59 standard home phone connection fee for new Telstra customers is waived.

If a technician is required additional charges apply:

• telephone line with a technician visit – $125

• new telephone line connection or cabling work – $299."


I refuse to pay the $125 phone line connection fee on the basis that I had not requested a phone line techo come to visit the premises as the phone lines were already installed. Had this techo visit been communicated to me I would have refused the techo and had it turned out the phone line did not work (it did work ) I would have been fine with that as I do not use landline and have no intention of every connection a phone to it. The cable broadband connection is also not reliant on requiring this phone line...... It seems ludicrous that a techo can turn up out of the blue without consent or prior notice and then charge a $125 fee for doing no installation work ....  The T&Cs say "if a techician is required additional charges may apply" which suggests that in some instances he is not required and this process is determined on a case  by case basis .... so who actually makes the decision that he is required and does the customer not have a right to know if this phoneline techo is required , rather than have him turn up out of the blue.....  I should have the right to refuse him as this is not a mandatory contractual charge .


Please confirm the status of the $125 phone line connection fee and also please confirm "Anne Marie" has processed the $192 credit for techo broadband visit as per 24/7chat ( I have saved the transcript)


Further to this I can not access my telstra account as the phone agent on sign up spelled my name wrong, which in turn gave me a wrong username , which in turn ended up with a wrongly spelt telstra email address.


I spent a full day on the activation day of 16th December phoning telstra to request my name spelling be changed, username changed and email address changed as I could not activate the new broadband connection due to the miss spelling ( I paid for this day of access) . It seems my email address and usnername are still not fixed going by what has appeared on my 1st bill and my inability to access the account.


Best Regards...


One very irate and cheated customer who has wasted a day and a half trying to resolve the issues.....

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Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Re: New Account - Cable Broadband + Phone Line Fee Shock!

Hey kmackellar,


Welcome to Crowd Support Smiley Happy


I can appreciate your frustrations with the installation charges that have been received on this first invoice since the services were connected. I am not able to check if any rebates have been made on to the account as yet from your previous contact with us via the Live Chat service and have sent you a PM to our secure link so I can get some extra details from you so we can assist further with this.


With the phone line installation the system will determine if a technician is required to have this service activated. It will select the earliest possible appointment to have this completed and is normally for a test to be completed from the street to your terminal on the outside of your home. This is normally the case if the phone line has been disconnected for any length of time in the past. As you have said there was nothing completed on this visit I may be able to have this reduced once we have your information and look into the charges further.


Once the order has been completed in the system we are not able to alter the primary email address / username that has been created for the account, and am sorry this has been spelt incorrectly. You are able to have an additional mailbox created for your account spelt correctly and then have any emails directed to the primary email address forwarded to this new email address you create. Steps for creating an additional mailbox can be located at:


Steps for email forwarding can be located at:

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