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New ADSL account - how do I get Presto to come through my TV?

Hi everyone,


I am a new Testra customer and havent used ADSL2+/wi-fi/tv connection before. We have the large bundle (home phone and internet) with telstra TV and free presto for three months. 


I have set up the Telstra Gateway Max and have our laptop and phones connected but how do I get Presto/Stan/Netflix to come across to my TV?


We have a Sony Bravia (not sure on the model) and its about 4 years old.


Is anyone able to help me set it up or give me the Telstra support number? I tried calling last week but got passed around to too many departments and ended up having to hang up after another 30 minutes on hold as I had to get dinner ready.


Any help is appreciated.



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Re: New ADSL account - how do I get Presto to come through my TV?

Telstra support will not be of much help as they do not support this type of query.


If you could post the model number of your TV that would help a lot.


In the meantime, in general, you need to go in to the Menu of your TV and connect the TV to your Home Ntwork.  If the TV is network capable, their will be a Network option on the menu.  If it is a wifi capable model you may need to physically type in the access point IP address or if you're lucky it will pick the network up and you just need to select it and enter the password for your network.


If it requires an ethernet cable, then run the cable from your Router/Modem to the TV and the TV should connect automatically.


To get Presto/Stan or Netflix on the TV, you will need to download App on to the TV.  Depending on the model of your TV and its' capabilities it may or may not be capable.


If it isn't, do you have a BluRay Player of PVR, as these can also be connected to the internet and the firmware is generally more kept more up to date than the TVs.  Hook it up to the network and load the app from the appropriate place.

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Re: New ADSL account - how do I get Presto to come through my TV?

Is the Sony TV a 'smart TV' eg you can download apps on the TV, if not you need to set up the Telstra TV as Presto is already downloaded on this device.


Telstra TV Set up: via Ethernet


You need to attach the Telstra TV to your Sony TV via a HDMI cable, you then attach a 5e ethernet cable from the Telstra TV to your Telstra router. Once the Telstra TV is set up you need to change the source on your Sony TV remote from TV to Telstra TV once this is done you will get the start up screen for the Telstra TV, follow the directions to set up your account on the Telstra TV, once this is done you can then click on the Presto app and set up an account, they will need your credit card but they will not start charging until the six months is up, you can cancel Presto anytime you like, on the Telstra TV you will also find the Netflix app, they are giving the first month for free, same as Presto you can cancel anytime, once you go over the six months for Presto and one month for Netflix Telstra will then start billing you.

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