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New ADSL2 connection issues

Hi everyone, i have lived in my home for 3 years now and have finally decided to get ADSL2 and move away from mobile broadband.


I had a technician visit yesterday to perform all the check on my phone line from the MDF (i'm in a block of 6 townhouses), only to be told there are no pair gains/ports available in the area. This seemed very odd to me...wouldn't Telstra and other service providers accomodate all household within an area? Apparantly not as i'm finding out...


After reading the following thread (http://crowdsupport.telstra.com.au/t5/Home-Broadband-KB/Tophat-ADSL2-Rollout-Status-amp-FAQs/ta-p/56... I was wondering if anyone can give me insight into if/when I could see some ports freed up or the exchange upgraded in NSW 2760. Townhouses 3 and 6 are currently vacant...we can nick theirs as well!


Any feedback would be appreciated, as i don't want to go down the cable path.




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Re: New ADSL2 connection issues

Hi Dimmy, welcome to the forum.


ADSL is not rolled out to accomodate 1 port per household in the area so you can't take a port from another home in the block or even area. There are a number of ports installed (either at the exchange or streetside cabinet), which are made available to all customers who receive their service from that location. Once all the ports are in use then no further ADSL connections can be made.


That being said, there are a couple of other things that can affect the availability of ADSL.


Not all telephone services in Australia are delivered using the same method. Telstra uses a mix of technology to deliver services so that we can do so efficiently and the majority of our infrastructure was installed prior to the advent of ADSL technology. What this means is that many lines are not capable of supporting an ADSL connection due to the type of infrastructure used when it was installed.


The next most common reason for ADSL not being available is transmission loss. In order to provide a stable ADSL the connection needs to be able to get through at all times. Once noise on a telephone line (I am sure you have used a phone that has static) reaches a certain point then we cannot provide ADSL as it would not meet minimum operating requirements.


Any or all of the above may be affecting your service, which prevents Telstra (and other ISPs) from providing you a service.


Finally, you have mentioned Cable. Do you know if Cable is available to you? The reason I ask is because the Cable service is faster and, in my experience, more reliable than ADSL and would be worthwhile looking at if you can get it. I regularly exceed 90 Mbps on my connection Smiley Happy

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