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New BigPond ADSL User Having Problem Accessing Internet on Win7 Computer

Hi all,

Only connected to Telstra BigPond yesterday and am having a problem connecting to the internet using my Win7 desktop computer. I have the Technicolour TG587n Gateway modem and every time I try to run the install CD it gets to the 'checking connectivity' section, then I get an error "no connection to the internet could be detected", followed immeditealy by another error "No broadband link could be found" then the software goes back to the 'Check ADSL line' section and won't finsih installing. Yet my Windows Vista laptop and Windows XP laptop can both access both the new wi-fi network and the internet.


This morning I tried installing the CD on the XP laptop and everything worked fine, but the Win7 computer still can't access the internet, and when I run Windows Network Diagnostics I get an error "Windows can't communicate with the device or resource (primary DNS server)", yet the Vista and XP laptops still have no problems accessing the internet.


I wasted nearly three hours yesterday on the phone with the technical guys, and they are trying to blame the modem, but why would it only affect one computer and not the others? That doesn't make sense to me, so I am hoping you learned gentlemen can help me out! Does it sound like a modem problem, BigPond problem, or Win7 problem, and how do I go about fixing the problem? Any suggestions?


Should add, up until 9am yesterday, the Win7 computer had no problem accessing the internet using my old Dlink modem, and nothing has been changed settings wise other than the addition of the new network, and modem since then.



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[SOLVED] New BigPond ADSL User Having Problem Accessing Internet on Win7 Computer

Problem solved! The problem turned out to be an adaptor that was hardcoded to use a particular DNS server by the previous modem.


For the record, go to Network And Internet --> Network Connections --> Change Adaptor Settings. Click on Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IP) --> Properties and make sure the settings are:


Obtain IP Address Automatically




Obtain DNS Server Address Automatically


and you should be good to go. So much for the tech geeks blaming a possibly faulty modem. BTW, if you have an earlier version of Windows, just look for Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) instead of version 4.



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