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New Connection NBN/ Telstra Smart Modem Gen 2

g'day all,
my saga with NBN/Telstra continue. Here's the story.

NBN technician arrived at the apartment 8.00AM today. Didn't have any of the keys required didn't know where they were. Body corporate have advised NBN management team multiple times where they keys to the NBN equipment are. Sheesh, here we go again, the guy said he only gets an address and a connection notice nothing else.

He takes quite a while getting things organised, I go outside to see what he's up to and he's on the phone to someone I can hear a discussion about Sync. He says don't worry I have to get into your apartment before I go, I'll come down when I'm set up.
I get a text from him saying he can't get a sync. One minute later he sends another saying success!!

He comes in connects a small box to the Gen 2 smart modem and one to the ADSL/NBN wall outlet. He stays for about 60 seconds and then says, you have been connected, wait about an hour or so for it to sync, it should sync before that but give it an hour.
I wait 2.5 hours NO SYNC. I send him a text and tell him, the line syncs for about 60 seconds then drops out and has been looping like this for 2 hours or so. I can no longer get into the router settings using the ethernet cable. I have tried the myrouter login page saved in book marks, the 198.xxxx and the 10.xxxx log in details no go.

He replies to me quote "I've been told by my supervisor that some of these new modem do that, unless there is an internal cabling issue which I found at the MDF"

He did tell me there was a cabling issue but that he found it and fixed it " don't get paid for doing this" he said.

Any way, the lady in the apartment next door had her NBN connected with Telstra last week, no issues, there are 16 apartments in the building. The ADSL was working fine before. She said the Tech stayed and made sure everything was working and also did a speed test and showed her the speed test. This guy did nothing, just took off a minute after he said I was connected.

Strangely, I can access some of the setting using WIFI but not the ethernet cable, connected to port one directly to my laptop.

I have setup networks before but this is weird.

Couple more things, I was connecting using the old adsl username password which worked fine but the sync just kept failing. Telstra support called and said there was a backend sync issue (not sure that that means), they spent over an hour on the phone with me to finally decide it wasn't a backend sync issue. They got me to reset the modem, hard off, soft off, unplug the cable from the wall socket, all to no avail. The modem would handshake sync then drop out.

I had my old Telstra Smart modem still with me, NBN ready, so I disconnected the Gen 2 and reconnected the old one. Same issues all round. Sync for about 60 seconds, drop off then just and endless loop of logging in and logging out, so it's not the modem.

Any clever people have any ideas how I can fix this, I'm going round the bend :-)


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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: New Connection NBN/ Telstra Smart Modem Gen 2

You don't use your username and password on an NBN connection.

Uncheck the login details (or factory reset the modem) and it should resolve itself.
Never be afraid to back yourself when trying new things, just always make sure you have 3 escape routes if things go wrong.
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Level 24: Supreme Being

Re: New Connection NBN/ Telstra Smart Modem Gen 2

This can only be fixed by an NBN technician fixing the line fault. If the WAN / DSL light on the Gen 2 modem is flashing then it is a line fault. Ring Telstra support and insist that they arrange another NBN CO technician.

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Re: New Connection NBN/ Telstra Smart Modem Gen 2

reset the modem, same issue, I thought you needed to input your bigpond username and password to access the internet. This has been done. I can access the settings via WiFi but not ethernet for some reason. Weird. I still have no sync, they are sending a Tech out on Thursday. At issue I think is the original tech should have stayed to verify the speed and the stability of the connection, he just took off as soon as he thought he had sync
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Re: New Connection NBN/ Telstra Smart Modem Gen 2

Thanks, tech is supposed to be coming on Thursday, lets see what happens

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