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New customer

Hey all,


So, I signed up with Telstra on the 26th April. Feeling like this has been a very bad decision. Spoke with that didn't know if address was nbn approved. Said he will put me on an adsl plan and that a technician will be over on the 30th (so someone over the age of 18 has to be home - me, obviously). Bear in mind, I've quite literally just moved here (Melbourne) and had just started a new job. Spoke to my boss and asked to have half day Friday w/o pay because I was expecting the technician to turn up. All was fine and good. Received the modem that Wednesday and used the backup 4g. Got a phone call on the Thursday afternoon to say "We have no technicians available" ok that's fine. Monday 3rd May comes and I get yet another phone call to say my order has been cancelled??? Got transferred to so many people then get hung up on THREE times and a 2 hour cat and mouse chase, to find out they have to create another order. The guy I spoke to said I will still be able to use 4g back up on my existing modem but my services won't be connected until 26th May. I also got an email to say I was expecting a delivery from telstra only to find out that it's a cable? Anyway, 4g backup doesn't work. Called back Monday just gone (after numerous other phone calls and live chats) to let them know my frustrations yadayadayada, and get told THE MODEM S/N WAS CANCELLED WITH MY ORDER and that another modem should have been sent out to me. Guy guaranteed that the modem would arrive by Wednesday 12th May and that I will be able to use 4g backup. I told him there is no way he can guarantee that it will turn up by then. Oh, no..he assured me it will *insert eye roll face here*. Wednesday has been and gone. Thursday is almost over and what do you know? No modem in sight. 


Am losing all hope in this. Have spent a good amount of money in the last 2 weeks on extra data. So frustrating. Has anyone else been through this? What did you do? What was your outcome? Almost at my wits ends with Telstra. And don't get me started on their customer service. 


Yours truly, 


A frustrated, new customer

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Re: New customer

You can make a complaint to Telstra


or you can cancel your "service" and go elsewhere   eg Aussie Broadband etc etc etc



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