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New FTTC can ping and traceroute but cannot browse to any site

New FTTC connection yesterday, connected the modem, fired it up, logged in and checked it out. I can see WAN IP, etc. All looks good. I can ping and traceroute to several locations on the Internet, but web browsing, onedrive, etc. don't connect. checked antivirus, turned off firewall. still no help. Tried another device, still no good. Is there something Telstra needs to do to activate the connection?

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Level 22: Superhuman

Re: New FTTC can ping and traceroute but cannot browse to any site

What colour is the front indicator? If it is blue, your modem is in 4G Backup mode, so maybe the installation is not yet complete and provisioned.

And what indicators are on the back panel?

Do you have a home phone service as part of your package? 

If you open up your modem webpage with the address what information do you see - after opening up  it might take a while to show the status indicators..

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