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New house no copper cable have to wait for nbn

Apparently we cant get phone Or Internet till February when the nbn comes through we have gone to telstra and they said we Can only get dongles because we have no copper cable out the front. Can telstra install copper cable to the street ?Or put the nbn in ASAP. Our street is juno way in lakelands.apparently the fibre cable is already installed in Our street just not connected.

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Re: New house no copper cable have to wait for nbn

It appears that the development is a greenfields area, which means that it will not have copper installed, only fibre. According to the NBN website, it's still showing up as servicable only by interim satellite.


I would firstly call the developer to see what information they can provide to you, then contact NBN directly on 1800 687 626 to see what information they can provide to you.


Unfortunately, the bottom line is that until that estate/group of properties are connected to an NBN ready exchange (my guess Pinjara), mobile broadband is going to be your only option.


Let us know how you go with the calls Smiley Happy


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