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New House - Pit installed but no cabling

Hi! We bought a townhouse roughly two years ago and when trying to arrange our internet originally, we were told we would have to go wireless due to no copper or fibre in the ground. We have Telstra pits in the complex, however these are empty. After everything had settled etc, we were told nbn was coming and would be rolled out, however this was delayed so we inquired with the nbn as to what was happening. Nbn have now advised that as the development was built after the rollout, we will need to pay for the infrastructure to be installed as the developer did not arrange this.

Is the developer legally obligated to provide telecommunications infrastructure, including copper or fibre cabling, or are they only obligated to provide the pits and conduit to the property?? As these are also Telstra pits, thus Telstra assets, do any obligations fall on Telstra??

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Re: New House - Pit installed but no cabling

Difficult legal issue. Feel free to test it in the court if you have heaps of money to lose...
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Re: New House - Pit installed but no cabling

Generally the developer does it and pays for it. Then passes the cost on as part for the sale price for the properties they are selling.

As it's an NBN area Telstra have nothing to do with it. Essentially you're going to have do convince the developer to pay or the owners of all the units will have to pay to have it done. On the plus side you can try and get Fibre to the Premise installed and you'll have great NBN with little to no faults and it will probably increase the units value/make it more desirable for people looking to rent.
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