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New NBN connection - 9 weeks later, three applications, and Telstra still haven't recieved my applic

9 weeks ago I applied online to migrate my parents landline over to the nbn, ie to retain the phone number. Pretty simple request, I called every week to get an update and it goes from bad to worse.


The NTU was installed 6 months ago, so the site is ready for the NBN..


Since then I have logged onto the portal and requested the upgrade twice more, but Telstra still can't find my application


I have record the request number in the format HP123456678, but Telstra call centres can not find any reference to the online portal request to upgrade the service.


I don't believe the issues are with COVID, rather a failure within their internal processing systems. Every time we call the process of authentication is different or problematic. Even the process to identify a person is different from one staff member to another. 


Since we started the process we have completed the following steps, not prompted by the NBN order but because I have called for an update. Never have we got a call from Telstra to say they have recieved our order, and would love the renewed opportunity for business.


1) change the name of the account from my dad's name to mums name

2) add my name as an authorised user

3) remove priority assist

4) create a new account

5) create a new plan

6) settle the previous bill or else we won't help you (even though we were a customer for more than 52 years)

7) add me again as authorised user

8) Now I am not an account authority, just a user, so they won't speak to me.

9) won't speak to us again, because the new plan has a new account number, and because we haven't received a new bill we don't know the new account number

10) four times try to authenticate me via SMS, but staff have hung up for no reason


Optus has never looked so good. I called them to see how difficult it would be to onboard, and they promised to get us to the NBN within a week.


What have we done wrong to deserve this ?


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