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New NBN connection, blue light on Telstra Modem

Hi, I have had NBN come and complete HFC connection.


A coaxial cable is run from the wall plate to the NBN connection box. A Single white cable is connected from yellow port on NBN connection box to the red WAN port on the Telstra Smart Modem Gen 2.


4 green lights on the NBN connection box.

Green solid lights on the rear of the Telstra Modem.

Blue light on the front of the Modem.


I Have tried resetting both devices and using 2 other modems sent by Telstra.
I have contacted Telstra 5+ times via the app (starting from the 05/08/20) and have been told to keep waiting 24-48hours and that the service is not activated yet?


Any ideas what the problem / solution is?



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Re: New NBN connection, blue light on Telstra Modem

Hi - three modems seems very unlucky. With 4G LTE Back Up Blue LED ON, can you actually connect to the Telstra modem with a Wi-Fi device and surf the Internet ?


If you haven't done this test to date to verify that your NBN service is fully activated by Telstra , turn OFF the Telstra modem and a PC. Remove the Ethernet cable from the WAN (red) port of the Telstra Modem, connect it to your PC and turn the PC ON. Can it connect to the Internet - if so, connect to web address 'speedtest.net' to see if the speed is near to your subscribed NBN plan. You know NBN has done its job.


If unsuccessful, try to Factory Reset the Telstra modem/s by inserting a paperclip into the Reset hole for more than 10 seconds with the power connected to the modem, you should see it restart for a few minutes and then re-connect the Ethernet cable back to the WAN port. If the front LED is still Blue turn OFF , try another Ethernet cable then unfortunately if that doesn't help, its back to Telstra for resolution. The Blue LED should only show when the NBN service is non operational.

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