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New NBN Connection - Connection and speed problems

I switched over from ADSL 2 to NBN this week.  Telstra phone salesman sells me the medium pack with 100MPS down and 40MPS up.  I specifically asked if they could deliver those speeds to my house and was told yes, no problem.  Locked it in and got the better modem - Max 2.  Very exciting.


Got home from work post setup, hooked up the modem - best I'm getting is 20d/20u (since then much less).  Called up, after about an hour of fluffing about I'm told my area is on co-existence and that speed is the best I can hope for.  Why would I be expecting 100/40?  Oh, and sir the contract says "'up to'" 100mps, not 100mps.  That was a fun conversation.


I'm getting constant drop outs, and went for nearly 24 hours being unable to connect at all.  When it is working, the speeds are highly eratic - drops down to 6d/10u quite frequently which is nearly as bad as the ADSL2 I had (ADSL was much more reliable).

I have contacted call centre 3 times now (well 6 but hung up in wait time frustration 3 times).  They are no help, and don't return the calls you are supposed to get with their SMS message thing that lets you schedule a callback.  They are extraordinarily polite, and utterly useless for resolving the issues I am facing.  It's futile trying to resolve issues that way.


I have no idea how long this co-existence business is going to go on, and I'm furious with the salesman who blatantly lied to me when I asked if I could actually get the speeds Telstra offered.  I also spent $250 on the better modem, which I wouldn't have done if I knew the connection would be this bad.  I actually wouldn't have switched from ADSL at all.


How do I get in contact with someone actually competent to solve the problem?  The call centre is clearly not the right avenue.  I want to get what I was sold, or ditch the contract as this is outright fraud and unfit for purpose.  I get that this is all new and it won't be all smooth saling, but being explicitly and deliberately lied to in order to get a sale?  Not on.  Hugely disappointed.


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Re: New NBN Connection - Connection and speed problems

To get results you have to make a complaint to the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman. Telstra's complaint process is just more delaying tactics. They just assign another Overseas support person with the role of complaint manager. In my case was more unhelpful than the regular support ( OS ). Testra will not bill you for the period your service is not working properly provided you contact Billing yourself and work it out with them directly.

It's a real chore sorting it all out and if people knew what was in store most would delay moving from ADSL for as long as possible. Once done though you can't go back.
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Re: New NBN Connection - Connection and speed problems


Good luck trying to find anyone who is competent or allowed to help. I have wasted lots of my time trying.

Best thing you can do is select Contact Us at the bottom of the page, go to Feedback and Complaints and lodge a complaint.

Give all the details you have.

Document all you have done so far, everything that was said to you and everything that happens after the complaint is responded to. Also document the speeds of your NBN as often as possible, when it drops out etc. Times, dates, screen prints are important.

If no satisfaction contact the ombudsman with your complaint. I believe it is possible to get all your recorded conversations with Telstra sent to you.


Good Luck.

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Re: New NBN Connection - Connection and speed problems

Coexistance can last up to 18months and affect Fibre to the Node and Fibre to the Basement connections. It is basically however long it takes NBN to move everyone who is in range of their node over from ADSL. Any Legacy copper services are automatically disconnected if they haven't been transisitioned to NBN within 18months of an area being declared ready for service by NBN. During the coexistance period Any speed above 12/1 is not considered a fault by NBN (This is also not a constant 12/1, From what I remember the service only has to achieve that speed for a brief period of time daily)


Post your modem stats. On a gateway max 2 you will find them via > Advanced > Broadband . This will also indicate whether or not 100down would even be technologically possible (Like ADSL, FTTN or VDSL's speeds are mainly dependant on cable distance from the node. If you are not within approx 400m cable length from the node, you will not get 100mpbs)


Also you may be subject to peak hour congestion due to CVC (The joys of NBN's charges to RSP's to use their services) so your speeds may fluctuate between 3PM-12AM


All Telstra's speeds and speed boosts are given as Up to's. AFAIK This is also stated in the Critical Information Summary for the service/bundle service and in Telstra's Customer Terms

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Re: New NBN Connection - Connection and speed problems

Hi NAC47,


You are best to call the NBN team directly on 1800 834 273 or, as others have mentioned on this thread, you can lodge a formal complaint at the following link: where you will be assigned a Case Manager to work with you to resolve your concerns. 


As brad26 mentioned, you can go to the TIO however as per their website, they request that you have lodged a complaint with your service provider which remains unresolved, prior to lodging a complaint with the TIO. 


Please let us know how you go, or if we can assist any further.


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