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New NBN Connection

I signed up for a new NBN connection recently (on 31st May) for a Telstra TV + Unlimited Data Plan. On 3rd June I get a confirmation that I signed up for an Unlimited Internet plan. No mention of Telstra TV.

As of today (16th June) I have not heard back from Telstra about my connection. I know they keep hyping about reduced staffing levels in Covid-19 world. Is anybody else experiencing or have experienced similar delays?

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Re: New NBN Connection

I signed up for NBN on 13thMay got a message I would be connected 21nd May still waiting for smart modem to be delivered. Many chats and phones calls later I now have no ADSL service at all and no NBN connection. This is bull**bleep**.

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Re: New NBN Connection

I ordered mine on 15 May and still can’t get any more than you have

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