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New NBN (HFC) - Have internet but no phone.

Smart Modem Gen 2. 

Internet works fine but not phone.

Phone connect directly to green port.

Phone LED is red.  

Status page at showing "Phone" is Disabled.

3x chats troubleshooting session going through factory reset modem, restarting to no avail.

In the last chat session, tech  told me it's the phone problem but I explained the phone works fine when connecting to the old Optus line.  Does this seem to be a provisioning problem and is there a way to escalate to the right person/group in Telstra?  Don't want to spend any more time on chat going over the same thing again.

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Level 24: Supreme Being

Re: New NBN (HFC) - Have internet but no phone.

 If phone light is red then It could be a provisioning problem or a faulty modem. It is definitely not a faulty phone. Phone light should be green even with no phone plugged in. Suggest you lodge a complaint with Telstra. A complaint can be lodging using online form or ringing 132200 and when asked for reason say complaint.

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