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No ADSL port run-around

Like many others I am playing the port waiting game but with some fun twists.


I moved home on 30 Dec 13 phone line no problem but no ADSL ports available on local CAN (KRGL G69). Having had to find this out by calling Telstra as the service did not go active as scheduled I was told I could be in a queue with estimate of 3-6 month wait or they could sell me some 4G. I chose the queue.


The fact I did not get ADSL has not stopped Telstra from activating the service and billing me for it. So I get to ring up once a month to ask that it be stopped until I actually get it and can I have that money recredited please. This month the phone operator was a bit proactive and said let me confirm we can't get you connected. After a call to the mysterious back-end I was informed that I there was a port available and after a conversation with activations it was scheduled for the next day. I was dubious as according to the Telstra Wholesale reports there were no ports and hadn't been for a long time and they were indicating it was ADSL1 when the only ADSL ports are at the exchange (Kooringal NSW). I asked if they were changing me to a direct connection to the exchange but this wasn't clear. Still I waited for the promised call to tell me the results and no call nor did my ADSL start working.


So on Saturday I made another call and reluctantly made a complaint given that I still hadn't been provided a service and that my non-working ADSL account was still working in the billing department.


Today a case manager calls me and is able to confirm that she can cancel my non-working ADSL without cancelling my place in the queue to be given ADSL. When asked for a detailed explanation of why I had been told I could get ADSL1 the only answer was no ports available, when asked whether I had been moved from the CAN to the exchange, no ports available, I indicated that if I had been moved to the exchange the Telstra wholesale is reporting 58 ISAM (ADSL 2+)  ports and one ADSL1 port available. She puts me through to activations who can only say no ports available who put me through to held orders who say no ports available and no alternate pathway I quite reasonably ask how do you know answer because we check when you make an order. The case manager rings me back after to see if I understand. I do not understand and am not satisfied as no one can give me a comprehensive answer on why on the 06 Mar Telstra thought they could me connect me but now they do not. Case manager cannot refer me to someone who can provide a detailexplanation of what was done so I cannot be confident that what I am being told now is in fact true as compared to last week. So I am going to have my complaint resolved without a satisfactory explanation.


There are 3 possible answers:


The people last week made an error and I cannot be connected to the exchange (prove this by telling me what was done in clear explicit terms eg our online info was not accurate and we cannot connect you to the exchange where there are free ports.


The person who looked at the job only looked at my CAN saw it was full and didn't know that there is a way to get me on the exchange.


We can connect you to the exchange but sadly the ports shown as free cannot be used due to faults or congestion


And finally someone can tell me where I am connected to now I assume still CAN G69.


If the case manager could do that rather than say no ports and try to sell me mobile wireless I may not be happy but I would be satisfied.


Am I asking too much?



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Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Re: No ADSL port run-around

Hey Pikey13A,

Front of house consultants (the people who put ADSL orders through) have quite limited visibility on these sort of issues. For the most part it's limited to putting your phone number into a service qualification check, which comes back with either "Yes, ADSL should work", "No it won't" or "Maybe, put through an order". No spare ports comes under the third option because whether there is a port available or not can change very quickly (since while there may be none now, by the time your order gets to the point where we send out a tech to the exchange one could have freed up). All I can say here is that from what you've said there aren't any ports available to you there currently. If there was a way of giving you a different path to the exchange we would have done so because we want to provide you with a service. That's how we make our money. Unfortunately currently that isn't possible.


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Re: No ADSL port run-around

Dylan thanks for the reply,

I get that the front of house may not have the detail on screen. That is why when I make a complaint I expect the case manager to be able to investigate and check that everything has been done properly. I will have faith in the answer when it shows an understanding of the network and the actions that have been taken. If I can find out where ports are available and which points I am connected to from data published by Telstra then it is reasonable to expect a detailed explanation rather than sorry no ports can I sell you some wireless.

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