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no adsl ports in morayfield qld..not happy

So I have not long ago moved house. 2 months ago I called Telstra to set up an internet connection at our new house. I made an order and everything was fine. A few days later I got a call from Telstra saying there was no ports so that had to cancel my order which they did. I rung up a few days later and explained what happened and was told it will be trial and error and that I should make another order which I did. Once again I got a phone call from Telstra saying there are no ports available and they cancelled my order. I called up again to see what other options I had. I was offered a 4g connection with 200gb data for the same price as the adsl connection with the agreement that when a port became available I would go over to that. I got a call back from Telstra the next day and was told they wernt going to supply the 4g connection anymore as they had done some research and a port was definitely available for me so we made another order for adsl. I did explain my situation and was re assured I would have no problems that there was a port available for me. 2 days later I once again get a call from Telstra telling me there are no ports available and they had to cancel my order. Now I am really not happy. I called the complaints department and made a complaint. I was advised what to do from now by the complaints team if I want an adsl connection. I was also told my orders should not be canceled but should be put on hold and at least my phone line could be connected. Once again I make an order for adsl with the Telstra tv and a home phone. A week later I get my phone line connected and I am put on a waiting list to have my adsl connected when a port becomes available. I have been tracking my order with the tracking tool I was sent a link for. When my phone line got connected the tracking said it had been connected and everything else in the order was pending. Yesterday I noticed my adsl connection and applications and entertainment service has been connected with green ticks. I called Telstra to ask when my router would be sent as my tracking said I now have a connection and I was told I wouldn't get the router untill my connection was made. They had a look and told me my adsl has not been connected that I am still on a waiting list that the tracking number is saying my adsl is connected because of a glitch in their system and that someone would call me when my connection was made. I get home yesterday and a router and Telstra tv has rocked up at my door. Very confused I call Telstra again and ask them what the go is. Again I am told its a technical error with their system and re assured me I am still on the list for an available port. Today I looked at the tracking number and it now has add bundle offering has been canceled.??? Everything else on my order has a green tick and says its been connected. I called Telstra again today so see once again what the go is. They tell me my order has now been completed. I tell them I was told yesterday I am on a waiting list and that someone was going to call me if I I had my adsl connection made which no one has. The Telstra guy on the phone done some research and found that once again the system has had a technical glitch and even though my order is saying complete I was assured I am still on the list. 2 weeks ago I was told the wait time is upto 3 months. 2 weeks later the wait time is still 3 months.
Every time I call I get different stories. I try to use the get back in touch feature but never get the same person calling me back. This just goes around in circles. Why is this so hard Telstra
I am trying to switch over from Optus and already my experience is not a very good one. I would of thought for a huge company like Telstra they would have some sort of standard and consistency but from my experience this is not the case. Can you please explain why this is so hard and why it seemed like everyone I talk to at Telstra have no idea what's going on or what they are on about l.?

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Re: no adsl ports in morayfield qld..not happy

Hey mat25,


Not the experience that we like to hear of and I do apologise for the issues you have experienced when seeking assistance with the order of the new services with us Smiley Sad The main issue here is that there are no ports available, which does prevent the order from being completed in the system correctly. Our system can still have the order go to compete after a set amount of time which is why you would have been able to see the email address become active and available when the rest of the order was still not progressing correctly.


I'm glad that there has been a hold placed on the order as this is the only way that we are able to advise you when there is a port available and assigned to your order. This can take some time to be completed as it would take another customer cancelling their connection for the port to be available.


Do you still have contact with your case manager from the complaint that was lodged? If you are able to confirm the reference number for the escalation then I would be happy to request they contact you and provide this update. This would have been started with an SR 1-xxxxxxxxxx. 

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Re: no adsl ports in morayfield qld..not happy

So 9 months later did u end up getting adsl Internet in morayfield just moved here from strathpine and can't get any internet at my house I waited 3 weeks didn't here anything back from Telstra got a text message 2 weeks before hand telling me my phone will be connected on this date and broadband will be connected on this date didn't here anything thing called Telstra up today and got 2 different stories from them 1 your to far out from the exchange 2 there r no available ports but when I signed up they TELSTRA GUY SAID everything is good internet is available there I was very excited with my new bundle I was getting but now am going down to Telstra to sort this out we are in 2016 almost 2017 and I can't get internet but where I came from in nsw out in the sticks I could get Foxtel adsl2 phone but in a major city of north Brisbane I can get it ??

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