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No available port dilemma

Last,week we were advised by our builder to organise home phone and internet for our new house build in Thornlands Qld.

being a loyal Telstra customer for well over 30 years, I immediately called 132200 & arranged a $99 best ever bundle with unlimited local & national calls with 200Gb data, sorted. The following day I was informed there were no available ports in our exchange, so I cannot get any type of fixed internet connection, I could arrange home phone connection at a cost of $350 odd and it would cost $85 per month. My suggested option for internet was a "night hawk" with 80gb data costing $150 p/m.

I can fully understand Telstra not wanting to install or update infrastructure when the NBN is coming but the area is not scheduled for 2 more years. There are hundreds of new homes going up in our area, this seems ridiculous in an age where our lives are conducted online.

My questions are these.

-Our Telstra mobiles work randomly and only outside the house, is a night hawk actually going to work for us.

-I was told companies such as TPG, iinet and Internode may have their own collection of ports available, is this true or do they all need to come back through Telstra.

-Is there a waiting list I can go on, a website I can watch or do I bug the stores or phone every day, week, fortnight, month to check availability.

- If I take a foxtel contract can they find me a port.

-What else can I do. Should I go to the Telecommunications ombudsman to complain to my local MP.

- And finally, why is every other option so damned expensive. At $150 p/m for half the data + $85 for home phone + $30 for an aerial if the signal is too weak, this is nearly triple the cost of ADSL for less service. If this is the only option currently available to so many people at the moment, surely the price could be brought down to take some of the load from the network or are we being taken advantage of because we have no other choice.

looking forward to a response.



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Re: No available port dilemma

If your phone won't work, then I wouldn't bother going down the Nighthawk route unless absolutely necessary.


You could try other ISPs, if they have their own DSLAMs in your local exchange, then they may have ports available.


There is no waiting list, it would be a case of reapplying regularly and hoping for the best.


Foxtel use Telstra infrastructure, so they would not find you a port.


The TIO won't be able to do anything as Telstra aren't required to provide you with a landline internet connection, just a phone connection. And complaining to your local MP will get you just as far. They helped set the system up.


Mobile service is more expensive because the maintenance costs for all those towers and transmitters spread out all over the country are higher than for infrastructure that is primarily located in a single building per area. Travel costs add up quickly.


And finally, the new estates that are going up in your area will be getting connected to the NBN from the start. New estates don't get connected by Telstra anymore.



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Re: No available port dilemma

Thank you for replying. I have tried all other ISP's, none have available ports. I'm at a loss what to do. My husband works from home quite a bit. We are in a capital city, not the back blocks. What a farce.

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