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'No Internet Access' through wifi, dropping out on different devices?

Basically the problem I am having is, I have multiple devices connected to our wifi – 2x laptops 2x phones 1x smart tv 1x Yamaha amp and a wifi printer. Mainly the phones, laptops and tv are what i'm noticing the fault with. Some  will connect to our wifi fine and work on the internet, whilst others will connect to the wifi but say no internet access. The devices that work, will then stop working and say 'no internet access' and the ones that were not working, will start working and so on, swapping between the different devices in no order. Occasionally they will all work at once, other times none of them will work. I have our tbox plugged in through Ethernet and that never has any problems. I have reset our modem and that doesn't fix it, deleted anything extra connected to our modem through wifi, called tech support who did not understand and were not able to help. This happened a few months ago and I purchased a new modem which didn't fix the problem at the start, but then it fixed itself within a few days so I didn't bother until its now happening again.

I would understand if it was one or two devices that would never work but all devices occasionally working then not and so on just doesn't make sense to me?

This time I noticed it happened after our puppy pulled out the power board our modem was plugged into.

Can someone pleaseeeee help me Smiley Happy thanks in advanced


I have a Thompson Technicolor Gateway TG797n v3

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Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Re: 'No Internet Access' through wifi, dropping out on different devices?

Hi Cow-Moo,


My first suggestion would be to perform a factory reset of the modem. 


If you are within contract, you could also try contacting Tech Support on 133 933 or via Live Chat to request a replacement.


I would however take the time to make sure that this was not an issue with WiFi interference. The following link provides some general information on what to look for, and what to try.  I suspect that you may need to adjust the WiFi security encryption type.   


Let me know how you go.


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