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No internet after power outage

Hi Crowdsupport


I experienced a power outage yesterday and since, my HFC gateway isn't getting sync therefore my modem is on 4G backup but not enough bandwidth to work from home with.

I tried logging a fault both with the my Telstra app and calling, but have not been successful to get either a test or fault logged.


Need help please

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Re: No internet after power outage

Hi @chase143 


When using the messaging option within the My Telstra app what is the reply you are getting to your issue?


In the meantime, I would try turning your modem off for 5 mins then restart.


NBN service health check

Diagnosing connectivity issues on nbn services has never been easier with our new nbn health check tool. You will now be able to run an automated test that checks both your nbn connection and home Wi-Fi set up.


If there is an issue diagnosed with your nbn service, you’ll be able to start troubleshooting with a step by step guide to resolving the specific problem you’ve identified. Once troubleshooting is completed, an additional test will be conducted to ensure the issue has been resolved.


If the issue persists and you need support, you’ll be able to message us directly in My Telstra app and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.


How to access nbn service health check:

  • Tap on Services, select your nbn internet card and tap on nbn health check;
  • Tap on Get help, select home internet and tap Check my connection and get help to start testing;
  • Keep the app open in the background while the test is being conducted.

The automated test can take up to a few minutes to complete. We’ll send you a notification once the results are available.


Reposted from: https://exchange.telstra.com.au/nbn-health-checks-and-more-now-in-the-my-telstra-app/ 

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