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Re: Telstra FTTB Outage?

Some sort of dos attack from what Facebook says

Telstra customer 15+ yrs, I am not a Telstra employee and never have been

Kudos and thanks welcomed

If I have managed to outsmart myself and give a Solution please mark it as so.
Service Status in your area
Someone asked to check your ping but dont know how
Check all your connected programs
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No internet in SW victoria

Challenge to Andy Penn..Please acknowledge your outage and provide some information to your supposedly "valued customers"

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Re: Telstra FTTB Outage?

It looks like Telstra's DNS servers are down.

Seem to be Telstra DNS outages , and maybe more
(a) Tether your devices to your phone temporarily so you can search for "change DNS" <your device type>
(b) If you have gateway with a 5g backup, try unplugging the landline (phone cable) to force backup
(c) add the google DNS to your DNS settings it will be somewhere on your device settings where you set up wifi passwords
or in network settings on a desktop/laptop

Reply with your device type and whether you connect with WiFi to your gateway, or are plugged in via ethernet. someone might help you track down detailed instructions.

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internet connection down

no internet connection since around 11am today & no way to troubleshoot with Telsta. I am in Croydon Vic.

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Re: DNS server isn't responding

The same here. Changing all devices to Google's DNS servers solved the problem.

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nbn connection

got all green lights on my NBN and telstra modem but can't connect any devices to the internet

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Re: No internet in SW victoria

Oh, I forgot to add, Most of your experienced technical staff have left the company because their skill and experience was not valued. You are now left with a lot of people who have no idea of the technical systems in a case like this when there is a major network failure.. I would know because I am one of those who left Telstra.

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No internet connection

Strange at the moment. My tablet and phone do not work on home modem, but do on telstra data. My laptop cannot connect but youtube on tv works. Can't call telstra for help, no one is available but i am sure call centre is overseas....interesting

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Internet not working

Hi Could you please let me know if there is a problem with Telstra Internet system?

Please let me know when it will be back on as I have work that I need to do today 



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Re: Outage in port Melbourne?

Thanks. Worked 🙂

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Re: No internet connection - NBN

i am having the exact same issue in 3204 area, not sure how to change my dns

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Level 20: Director

Re: Internet outage

Hi again all,

Telstra's Twitter account is reporting the outage, To stay up to date click here.


I don't work for Telstra, Never have, I am just a Telstra customer like you.
So the advice I give is my own, In my own time, Guided by my own experience/knowledge.
Which I am always happy to be corrected on.
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Re: Gateway2 modem no longer connects to internet

I don't know why i stick with Telstra, can't even get through in the phone. I changed my DNS settings now it says my modem has connectivity issues and i should call my provider...... Wish me luck with that.

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Re: No internet connection - NBN

The problem we cannot access the DNS server. You can fix the internet by setting the dns manually to however the phone will not work.

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Re: No NBN connection or internet

Its their DNS thats down. Point it at google and internet will work


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Is NBN down in 3151

Anyone in 3151 having problem with NBN connection? I thought 4G should kick in if normal NBN services are down. Very disappointing..

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Re: Outage in port Melbourne?

Thanks for this! It worked on all devices. Can those DNS details stay as they are? Will there be prompts to delete them when Telstra DNS servers are up and running again? Or we won’t get any notifications at all?

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Re: No internet connection - NBN

Same thing in Sydney.

Internet went off about 10:30-ish this morning. Just came back on at 1:55pm.

The phone took an extra few minutes to kick back in.

After reading all the other comments, I can see this affected quite a large number of locations.

I wonder if this was a planned outage across Australia and the customers were neglected once again? 

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Re: No internet connection - NBN

Same in Burwood East 3151. Even 4G is not working from Telstra modem which is more disappointing. 

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internet down / nbn

my nbn was down for 3-4 hours i have twelstra 2nd generation modem - why didn;t the 4g sim kick in so i had internet

i am in bayside melbourne, victoria 3187

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Re: Outage in port Melbourne?

Is anybody experiencing issues in the Northern beaches too?  Dee Why?  My NBN went down after 12 I reckon..... 


would changing DNS allow all devices to connect to modem ?

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Re: No internet connection - NBN

I have the same issue did you get anywhere with it. I’m in Kearns NSW. It’s happening frequently for us 

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