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No internet - how to contact Telstra??

My Telstra modem was fried in a storm on Wednesday and I’m unable to connect a new modem as it seems there is an ISP configuration problem (have tried new Netgear and D-Link modems). How do you get onto Telstra about something urgent at the moment? My husband is working from home as are our two daughters , one of whom is in her final year and doing graded assessments. I’ve spent over 8 hours on hold with only one successful contact who was helpful but said i needed a technician to fix the problem. They were supposed to call yesterday morning but didn’t. I called the 1300 number he’d given me but it says the service is closed and hangs up. I haven’t been able to get onto Telstra since, even when they answer after two hours they then drop the line. Is there any other way to get through to them urgently? 

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