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no Internet (NBN) for 2 MONTHS

How is it I cannot get a fault repaired within 2 Months!!


No internet as of April 21   - just stopped - fault confirmed

1st appointment made for 30 April - I thought 8 days was a long time (if only I knew )

Appointment 30 April - complete no show - no txt no call  - just a flat no-show despite ensuring someone was home - wasted day

Called multiple times - each time taken through the script of checking if fault was real - painful, but understand - each time told someone will call back to arrange the fix  - no calls. 

Went to Telstra store in frustration as chewing through mobile data working from home because the Telstra internet (I am paying for) doesn't work - asked for more mobile data as working from home - told I can upgrade my plan if I want!!!

So far it has taken over a week (9 days) to try and get another appointment with zero acknowledgement that the 1st was a no - show

Now told next appointment is 16 June!!! - so call it 2 months..


Oh and I'm a 'Gold' customer - go me.





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Re: no Internet (NBN) for 2 MONTHS

Was the 30 April appointment for a Telstra or NBN technician?.


If you would like "more mobile data as working from home" during the outage then that is a request that you should be putting to Telstra Support rather than a Telstra Store because I doubt that they have ability to authorise or enable it.


Lastly, have you been to the Telstra Troubleshooting page?.

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: no Internet (NBN) for 2 MONTHS

Do you have a Telstra Smart Modem? It should have switched to mobile backup mode to enable you to keep working. Try unplugging the NBN connection from the modem, if the Telstra modem can see a signal from the NBN then it won't switch to backup mode.


That's a long time for a technician. If it's an NBN tech then Telstra has no control over them, but it is outside the standard time for a repair by a long way.

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Re: no Internet (NBN) for 2 MONTHS

Thanks both,


I don't have a smart modem but Telstra are sending me one as a compromise and yes the delay is for a nbn Co technician  - the time alone to even get an appointment is the frustration and then when I get one its over a month away hence the total 2 month outage for me  - and again was told Monday a complaint had been raised and they would call me back Tuesday - no call...





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