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No Internet or Landline for a month

For the past month I have been in discussions with Telstra staff over what seems to be a simple request. We have moved house into a new residence and simply require Internet. The house is newly constructed with a Telstra pit and intrastructure done in accordance with Telstra Smart Community advice, signed off and signed over to Telstra.

Since the initial phone call, I have been transferred to every department within Telstra, put on hold for hours and given every possible reason why I still have no connection. I have, several times, been told I need to sign up to a new service (meaning a new 24 month contract) even though I am simply moving and already had NBN. I have also been told I can't get NBN, that I have been able to get NBN in the area for a year, that I need to change my phone number, that I can keep my phone number, that I need a new user id, that I don't need a new email, and every other answer that possibly exists. 

My old service has been disconnected.

I have explained, in every phone call, that there is already a Telstra pit and I simply require a line from the pit to the house. Each time I am advised that Telstra can do this (cost has ranged from over $200 to $89), but on the two occassions a technician has been sent out, both times they have said that they are only able to connect and another Telstra person needs to run the cable (despite me telling staff to make sure the technician knows that there is currently no cable from pit to house).

I have a case manager and a reference number, but it is always difficult to speak to the case manager due to availability. She did, however respond today (after I was originally told she was not available and would call back in 24 hours). After saying it would be quicker for me to sign up to a new service (new 24 month contract) which I declined, she said she would cancel the current order and start a new one. This has now happened at least four times. I said the technician could not do anything when he came because he could only connect once there was a cable (as I have said during every conversation). She said the order currently had an 'internal shortfall' message due to no lead in conduit (as I have said during every conversation). So, one month, hours of conversations, hours of being placed on hold, too many different answers to remember, a formal complaint lodged with Telecommunications Ombudsman and still no service. I have been given an intermin dongle which provides lousy service due to the area I live in. 

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