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No lights on modem

Anyone else think my modem is the problem? I have power light and wifi light on but no others. Turning off and on and factory reset hasn't helped. Could the modem have had a power surge or something and been fried?

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Re: No lights on modem

It is possible, but if it had suffered from a power surge I wouldn't expect it to turn on at all.


I suspect that your real problem may be with your incoming line.


Was it working previously, or have you just changed over to NBN?


Which model modem is it?


Assuming an FTTN service, the line from your wall socket should go in to the DSL socket on the modem. The phone handset goes in to the Green Phone socket.


If you log in to the homepage of the modem ( and look at the Broadband connection stats, does it tell you that it is disconnected, or no signal?


If it was seeing a VDSL signal, I would expect the light closest to the front of the modem to be blue. It changes to Green when it registers to the network.

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Re: No lights on modem

Thanks Jupiter. Yes it does say disconnected. I've contacted Telstra and they're looking at it. Thanks for response.

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